Newspapers of the French Revolution

We recently added to our collection a database called Archives Unbound- Journaux de la Révolution de 1848 (Newspapers of the French Revolution 1848).

Publishers Description:

“This series captures the British Library’s holdings of all newspaper and periodical titles published in France during the revolution of 1848. Coverage is continued through the coup d’état in 1851 to the establishment of the Second Empire in 1852. Some titles represent continuations of national dailies and weeklies which published through the unrest, offering a base-note of news coverage from experienced journalists, while many others sprang up in direct response to the political situation, and witnessed events from very partisan perspectives. George Sand is just one of the famous literary voices here commenting on the unrest and uncertainty.

While the revolutions are second only to World War II as research areas in French History, specific titles also address those studying many aspects of 19th-century French life, including: women’s periodicals, literary, musical, theatre and opera reviews; medical and trade titles; regional papers; and newsletters. There is also a strong strain of illustrated satirical and humorous titles, and pamphlets held at the main British Library rather than being classed as newspapers.”

To access this collection, click on the Databases tab on the library’s homepage and look under the History (World) subject area.

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