Credo Reference: An Alternative to Wikipedia

Looking for an overview of a subject, a quick fact, definition, or background information?  Try the Credo Reference database!

Credo General Reference is an online reference solution offering over 500 highly-regarded, scholarly reference books for all subject areas.   Use this database to start your research project.  It has the tools you need to quickly map your paper topic, find sources for further research, and access thousands of images, charts, graphs and more.  To get started using Credo, go to the library’s homepage and click on Databases under Find Articles.  You will see a Credo Reference search box right there.

Topic Pages are specifically designed to provide  you with contextualized and easy-to-understand access to authoritative, scholarly content.  Topic Pages give you an orientation to the subject, define the context and vocabulary, and then give you links to additional books, articles, images, and data.

Give Credo Reference a try when you start your next research paper.  We bet you won’t even miss Wikipedia!

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