How do I find college rankings?

There are as many ranking methods as there are ranking sources. Different sources have different goals – some are purely academic and others focus on campus social life, school location, or some aspect of the curriculum.  Here is a quick list of the most commonly used college ranking sources.

Carnegie Commission on Higher Education’s ranking system, established in 1970, for institutions in the United States. This ranking system has been used by the Higher Education community as the main source of classification.

The 100 best values in higher education.

Rankings for online colleges and universities. Rankings are based on: acceptance rate, financial aid, graduation rate, peer Web citations, retention rate, scholarly citations, student-faculty ratio, and years accredited.

Provided by the Center for Measuring University Performance. The report collects raw data from approximately 600 research institutions. The Center’s site also provides numerous other resources concerning university performance and evaluation.

Rankings of universities/colleges according to various criteria.

Rankings of numerous graduate programs in many disciplines.

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