How do I create a list of favorite materials in the catalog?

Sometimes when you are searching the catalog, you come across an intriguing book, DVD, or other interesting material but don’t have time to request it at that moment.  How do you mark that particular item so that you can get back to it at another time?  Here are some suggestions for creating a retrievable list of favorites:

1)  Every item in the library catalog has a permanent URL attached to its record.  You can bookmark this permanent URL for when you want to get back to the record in the future.  Start at the library’s homepage, go to the “Books, Journals, and More” tab and search for your item.  If you are in the Encore version of the catalog, you will need to select the “Classsic catalog” link to the right under “Other Sources” in order to retrieve the record with a permanent URL.

Once you have identified the permanent link, paste it into your browser and go directly to that page.

Now you can save that page as your favorite!

2)  If you have a RefWorks account, you can export the item’s record from the Encore version of the catalog and save it in a “Favorites” folder.  From the record, click on the “Export to RefWorks” link in the top toolbar.  (If you don’t see this option at the top of the record, you are probably in the Classic catalog.  Search for the title of your item as a keyword search from the main search box under the “Books, Journals, and More” tab.  This will search for your item in Encore and retrieve the record with the “Export to RefWorks” option).

3)  Use the “Community Tags” feature in Encore to mark your favorite records, which can be retrieved later with a keyword search.  In order to make this effective, you will want to choose a unique tag, so that you don’t also retrieve other unrelated material.

From the title’s library record, scroll to the bottom and select “Add a tag.” After logging in with your ID and passcode, you will be able to assign your tag.  Now when you want to return to the record, search in the Encore version of the catalog (main search box under the “Books, Journals, and More” tab) with your unique tag.

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